BREAKING: Ontario Just Reported Less Than 700 New COVID-19 Cases For The First Time Ever This Year

Today, the Province of Ontario has reported a total of 699 new COVID-19 cases after over 20,000 tests were analyzed.

This is the lowest total of cases that the province has seen this whole year. In fact, the last time we were at this number was in October last year before the second lockdown started.

This news comes just two weeks before reopening in Ontario is set to start.

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The newest number is just the latest in a downward trend that the province has been seeing in recent weeks. Some experts say that before reopening should begin we should be below 600 cases a day.

If trends continue we should reach that average soon.

These low case numbers have brought up the possibility of a faster reopening too. However, Premier Doug Ford has stated that Ontario will strictly follow the reopening plan laid out by his administration.

Ford’s government has also said that schools will not be reopening right now.

Additionally, reopening schools could lead to a spike in cases as seen before, which nobody wants to see this close to the finish line.

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