This U.S State Is Bribing Citizens With Over $116 Million In Cash Prizes If They Get Vaccinated

How do you get people to want to be vaccinated? Tell them it’s good for their health? Or that it will protect them from the virus?

Nope, you bribe them with money and gifts, of course.

In an attempt to get people immunized, the state of California is giving away so many cash prizes. In fact, 10 California residents have a chance to win $1.5 million USD each.

The cash prizes given out by the California government tallies up to $116.5 million US.

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There’s one simple catch, residents just need to roll up their sleeves and receive one jab.

In a press conference, Governor Gavin Newsom said the giveaways are meant to thank citizens who received the vaccine.

The grand prize will be drawn on June 15, when the state is set to fully open up. Those entering the $50,000 giveaway will have their chance on June 4 and 11.

Additionally, Californians who are under the age of 18 are also included in the giveaway.

In the event the recipient wins and they’re under the age of 18, the money will be stored in a savings account until they come of age.

The COVID-19 lottery isn’t a joke

The Covid lottery is the real deal in the U.S.

Take for example an Ohio woman who became a millionaire off of a similar draw after playing in the Vax-a-Million state lottery.

Abbigail Bugenske, 22, thought the entire call was a prank. In fact, she actually thought Gov. Mike DeWine was a scammer because he called from an unknown number.

Additionally, in some U.S. states instead of cash prizes, they’re deciding to giveaway free cannabis.

In Washington D.C., a cannabis policy reform group called D.C. Marijuana Justice (DCMJ) gave away free cannabis at vaccination sites.

Currently the group has given away over 10,000 free cannabis joints to people.

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